Concrete Demolition, Cutting, Breaking and Removal | Dexpan Photos

Gallery #4: Underwater Projects.
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Project C001 - Demolition of Concrete Foundation (6 Photos)
Concrete Demolition, Cutting, Breaking and Removal | Dexpan Photos
Project C002: Commercial Demolition of Downstream Water Dam (7 Photos)
Project C003: Residential Demolition, Concrete Removal without Noise (7 Photos)
Project C004: Interior Demolition of Concrete Foundation (4 Photos)
C005: Concrete Demolition of Light Pole Base by Zia (6 Photos)
Project C006: Concrete Removal, Shallow Application (16 Photos)
Project C007: Concrete Wall Removal, Horizontal Application
Project C008: Concrete Breaking, Road Barricades Removal (9 Photos)
Project C009: Noiseless Demolition in Hospital, without jackhammer
Project C010: Controlled Demolition of School Stadium, without Explosives or Heavy Equipment (6 Photos)
Project C011: DIY Demolition of Concrete Stairs (5 Photos)
Project C012: The Largest Demolition Contractor uses Dexpan (5 Photos)
Project C013: How to Break and Demolish Concrete Pillars, Columns (12 Photos)
Project C014: Demolition of Concrete Piers, Light Pole Bases (13 Photos)
Project C015: Heavily Reinforced Concrete Demolition, Removal
Project C016: Non-Explosive Demolition Concrete Buster vs 2-foot thick wall (12 Photos)
Project C017: Residential Demolition DIY, Breaks concrete steps (10 Photos)
Project C018: How to break concrete easily without jackhammer (6 Photos)