Dexpan Project C001: Concrete Foundation Demolition

United States 2005
Concrete Foundation Demolition
Contractor: Neil's Concrete Cutting
Dexpan® cracks according to drilling pattern. Demolition contractors, drilling and blasting contractors can easily break reinforced concrete or rock into desired sizes and shapes, so they may cut off exposed rebar, haul demolished chunks away with a crane or excavator without damaging the desired remaining parts.
Dexpan Project C001: Concrete Foundation Demolition
This reinforced concrete foundation was 4' wide x 7'3" long x 2' high. Reinforced with rebar. Look at the great concrete demolition results of Dexpan
 This motor base was 3' x 3' x 3', with a few holes and Dexpan. It came apart in short order. 
This reinforced concrete base is 7'3" on the long sides and 4'7" wide and 10" high. It had 3 mats of #6 rebar with dowels every 12" around the perimeter. Take note of the heaving in the center of the base. Approximately 1-1/2 cases of Dexpan were used. The holes were drilled in 12" deep.
 This is a side view showing the first of 4 layers of rebar in this base. These are #6 rebar (3/4" diameter). The dowels coming out of the footing are #8 rebar (1" diameter). They are not shown in this photo