Concrete Barrier Demolition and Removal | Dexpan Photos

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Project CB 01 - Splitting a Concrete Barrier (4 Photos)
A concrete barrier, split into two halves and separated
Project CB 02: Concrete Wall Removal, Horizontal Application (7 Photos)
Project CB 03: Opening a Wall with Dexpan (3 Photos)
A concrete barrier between two sections of a wall. Holes have been drilled into the barrier, and it has been cut away from the wall.
Project CB 04: Removing Metal Posts with Dexpan (3 Photos)
A line of metal poles on a cracked foundation
Project CB 05: Heavily Reinforced Concrete Demolition, Removal
Project CB 06: Non-Explosive Demolition Concrete Buster vs 2-foot thick wall (12 Photos)
Project CB 07: Noiseless Demolition in Hospital, without jackhammer
Project CB 08: Commercial Demolition of Downstream Water Dam (7 Photos)