Opening a Wall with Dexpan | Dexpan Project CB 02

The power of Dexpan Demolition Grout is able to remove difficult pieces of concrete that get in the way of construction projects.

This user wanted to remove a small barrier left behind after drywall was removed and turned to Dexpan to split the concrete from the rest of the foundation. After drilling the holes for Dexpan's placement, the user cut lines between the barrier and the rest of wall using a Concrete Saw to prevent the Dexpan from dealing damage to the rest of the wall.
A concrete barrier between two sections of a wall. Holes have been drilled into the barrier, and it has been cut away from the wall.
After filling the holes with a solution of Dexpan and water, the user then waited for the Dexpan to split the concrete along the lines created by the holes, which stopped at the previously cut lines, saving the other sections of the wall for future use. 
A concrete barrier with a line of holes bored into it
A concrete barrier split in half, following a line of drilled holes to a cut section of the barrier