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Save Money! Save Time! How to break rock easily using expanding cement chemical.
Dexpan Expansive Demolition Grout: Easy to use, Cost Effective, No Noise, No Dust, No Jackhammer.
General Contractor: Sea to Scarp Excavations
Western Australia 2014
Dexpan Top 5 Benefits for Demolition Contractors and Excavating Companies.
Dexpan breaks, cracks or splits rock easily and safely. 3 simple steps to use: drill, mix and pour.
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Just dropping you guys a line to say thanks for a great product.
I had a large, very hard granite boulder that I needed to remove the top 1200mm (4') for room for our proposed building foundations.
After drilling the holes I realized how hard the rock was and thought the it might have been "too much" for the Dexpan. I have used a very similar product to sink a storm-water shaft in Sydney, Aus. where I was employed by a drilling company to complete the contract using an expanding cement product and our companies "Roc-Tec" Non-Explosive rock breaking technology.
Anyway, 24 hours after mixing and pouring the Dexpan into the drill holes (45mm - 1 3/4" dia.), the work was done. Or so I thought. 72 hours later, I could still hear the "cracking" as the Dexpan continued to work.
I have attached some photos for you to have a look at.
Once again, thank you for a great product.
How to break rock easily using expanding cement chemical.