Rock Splitting Wedges vs Chemical Rock Breaking, Cracking | Dexpan Project R009

Save Money! Save Time! Rock Splitting Wedges vs Chemical Rock Breaking, Cracking.
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Lake Kabetogama, MN, United States 2009
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Rock Splitting Wedges vs Chemical Rock Breaking, Cracking
I'm writing to share my experience and thank you for your time and advice. You and I spoke this past Friday regarding the use of Dexpan III (only product available to me) for a rock removal project I was doing in Northern MN.  We discussed both hole placement and the use of Dexpan III - rated for use when temps are 25-55 degrees F, which concerned me since our temps were not quite that cool yet. Anyway, you thought I could get by with DP III provided I mixed with ice cold water and poured in the evening (vs the heat of the day) when the temps started to cool off. Our temps were dipping into the 50's overnight, sometimes the lower 50's. I followed your direction and you can see the results attached.  This rock is solid granite and I thought the product performed quite well.  After pouring between 7:00 - 8:00pm on Saturday 9/5/2009, I awoke around 6:30am  to find hairline cracks throughout but not complete by any means.  As I stood over and observed the rock, I could hear more cracking occurring fairly frequently. Even during mid-day when I checked, I could still hear cracking continuing - amazing.  As the day went on the cracks got wider and more complete throughout.  The pics were taken around 5:00pm Sunday, not quite 24 hours after my pour. I retreated a few holes on Sunday night with cold water and by this morning cracking had again occurred in these areas where no previous, or very little cracking had occurred. I must say, I had a number of neighbors and friends of neighbors coming to "see the rock" and all were equally amazed at the performance of Dexpan. So thanks for your sound advice Mike!!!, it paid off.  As a first time user of Dexpan I was very satisfied with the results (the drilling part however, you can have that job!!!!), three days l'm still bruised and battered!!!  My next step is to break apart this rock a bit further with a bobcat and some forks, and haul it away to ready the site for a garage.