Swimming Pool Excavating, Rock Cracking, Removal | Dexpan Project R006

Save Money! Save Time! DIY Swimming Pool Excavating, Rock Cracking and Removal.
Dexpan Expansive Demolition Grout: Easy to use, Cost Effective, No Noise, No Dust, No Jackhammer.
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Molokai, Hawaii, United States 2008
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Dexpan breaks, cracks or splits rock easily and safely. 3 simple steps to use: drill, mix and pour.
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The customer quotes: "I got this one big rock about 12 feet long, 4 feet wide and 4 feet high that I drilled a bunch of 1/2 inch holes in and heated it up with fire about six hours, then hit it with water, but it did not crack, so I hope your DEXPAN will do the job of breaking it into 1-man sized chunks. I am taking photos of the operation I am doing, I am getting too old for this sledge hammer work, so if this works it will be great and a great story."
Swimming Pool Excavating, Rock Cracking, Removal | Dexpan Project R006
I got more photos to come finishing this big rock as we have only hand tools and Dexpan to do the job. Its finally going great, cracking rock into one man size chunks. It is really important to blow out all the rock dust in the holes with good strong air pressure before pouring in the Dexpan.