Excavating, Rock Removal, Excavator Damage Prevention | Dexpan Project R003

Save Money! Save Time! Easy Excavating, Rock Removal, Excavator Damage Prevention.
Dexpan Expansive Demolition Grout: Easy to use, Cost Effective, No Noise, No Dust, No Jackhammer.
United States 2004
Bristol Library Construction Project
Dexpan Top 5 Benefits for Demolition Contractors and Excavating Companies.
Dexpan breaks, cracks or splits rock easily and safely. 3 simple steps to use: drill, mix and pour.
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“Today we worked on an area that required non-explosive excavating rock removal in the area of the north courtyard. We drilled a large area of what appeared to be pinnacle or bed rock. The rock being very steeply sloped and irregular it is hard to be extremely accurate on yards, but the holes (varying from 6 to 10 feet) are easily measured. We drilled the rock on an 18” pattern. We used (39) 11-pound bags (429 lbs.) of Dexpan to fill 183.83 lineal feet of hole today. 1 track mounted drill w/ operator worked 7 hrs. and 6 men worked approximately 2.5 hrs. to perform the necessary operations. An air compressor was also used to clean rock surface and holes before filling. Jessie Scarborough from S&ME was on site monitoring operations.”
Excavating, Rock Removal, Excavator Damage Prevention | Dexpan Project R003
Dexpan broke these car-sized rocks easily. It is great for excavator damage prevention.