Concrete Barrier Removal | Dexpan Project CB 01

The power of Dexpan Demolition Grout is able to easily split concrete blocks and barriers, allowing for easy, piece-by-piece removal. 

The user started by drilling a straight line of evenly spaced holes in the concrete. These holes would shape the Demolition Agent into creating an even split in the barrier.
A short concrete barrier with a line of evenly-space holes
After filling the holes with a solution of Dexpan and water, the user then waited for the Dexpan to split the concrete along the lines created by the holes.
Two photos show the drilled holes being filled with Dexpan Demolition Grout and the cracking along the line the holes created
After the process was complete, the user was able to easily move the remaining pieces of concrete apart, allowing the barrier to be removed from the floor.
A concrete barrier, split into two halves and separated