Removing Metal Posts with Dexpan | Dexpan Project CB 03

Dexpan Demolition Grout is able to cut between metal obstacles, such as Posts and Rebar, that would harry traditional methods of demolition like saws and jackhammers.

This user had a series of metal posts attached to a foundation and previously serving as a barrier. As the barrier was no longer needed, the user turned to Dexpan to remove the foundation, opening the floor space available. 

A line of metal poles set inside a concrete curb
The user started by drilling a line of holes between the poles, allowing the dexpan to split to and around the obstructions.
A section of the curb containing drilled holes
Once the Dexpan finishes cracking the concrete, the user was able to begin removing the concrete without the hassle of breaking through the metal obstacles.
A line of metal poles on a cracked foundation