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Welding Rods e7018 1/8", 50 lb box. Welding Electrodes

Arc Welding Rods 7018 1/8, 50lbs weld electrodes, welding supply
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Item Number: Weld Rod e7018 1/8
Manufacturer: Laser Weld by Archer USA
Manufacturer Part No: Weld Rod e7018 1/8
Condition: New
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Arc Welding Rods 7018 1/8, 50lbs weld electrodes, welding supply

Welding Rods 7018 1/8" (3.2 mm), 50 lbs/box. Welding Supply, Welding Sticks. All Purpose, Low Hydrogen, AC & DC welding rods. e7018 welding rod MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

AWS Classification: E7018

Polarity: AC+, DC+


Specially designed weld electrodes to improve deposition rate, bead appearance and operator appeal when welding steels requiring a low hydrogen x-ray quality weld deposit. and it is the electrode of choice on heavy sections where the superior mechanical properties minimize cracking.



  • low moisture absorption

  • slag detaches easily

  • low spatter level

  • good wetting action

  • reliable starts and re-starts

  • excellent arc welding stability

  • manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 9001 requirements.


  • reduces worry of moisture pick-up and hydrogen cracking

  • easy clean-up

  • good weld bead appearance

  • enhances bead contour

  • provides better welds due to no porosity

  • easy to control


  • Tensile Strength: 77,700 psi

  • Yield Strength: 62,100 psi

  • Elongation % in 2": 30%

  • Reduction of Area: 68%


  • alloy and high-carbon castings

  • boiler code applications

  • construction equipment

  • low-alloy structurals and plate

  • maintenance applications

  • ship building

Product Reviews

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Save sum MONEY!
Jim B. (Maryland) 12/13/2017 11:50 AM
Was a bit worried about trying these out for a project. Glad that I gave them a chance. I'm not a pro and haven't had any formal training BUT considering all the other rods that I've burned through over the years, it would be hard to tell the difference in the welds that they lay down! Rods were received in great shape. 12.5lb boxes made nice for storage. When I run out, I'll be placing an order for some more! May have to spring for some 6011's to have on hand. It's a bit upfront, but I'm sure that it'll be worth the money saved in the long run by not have to buy locally for a higher amount or take the long ride to my LWS which is still higher.
chop saw blades & 6011 weldind rod
Ted Maples (San Angelo, TX) 12/23/2013 7:29 PM
chop saw blades are very good, cuts fast & lasts, have used your 6011 welding rod, also its welds good, the products I have used are good