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3-Step Diamond Polishing Pads: Granite Polishing, Marble Polishing

3-Step Diamond Polishing Pads, 3 step polishing pads, polish pads for Granite Polishing, Marble Polishing

Save Steps means Save Time! 3-Step diamond polishing pads, polish pads for granite polishing and marble polishing. 3-Step Polishing Pads for Countertop Slab Marble Polishing, Countertop Slab Granite Polishing, Onyx & Other Stone Polishing Fabricators. 3-Step Marble Polishing Pads, Three Step Granite Polishing Pads, Onyx Dry Diamond Polishing Pads and other diamond polishing tools.
3-Step diamond polishing pads: Step1 (#50 Grit ~ #200 Grit), Step 2 (#400 Grit ~ #800 Grit), Step 3 (#1500 Grit ~ #3000 Grit).
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Archer PRO 3-Step Diamond Polish Pads 4 in. for Stone Polishing, 50 to 3000 Grit.
Price: From $10.00 to $30.00
3-Step diamond polish pads 4 in. for stone polishing, 50 to 3000 Grit.