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Dexpan® is a registered Trademark of Archer Company USA Inc., doing business as Dexpan® USA. and are the Dexpan® Official websites, all of our job photos and statements are Original, TRUE and Copyrighted. Dexpan® is the well-known, top selling, reliable product, and should not be confused with the other imposter products.
There are currently some websites that have illegally stolen ours as well as our valued customers Dexpan® job photos, articles, magazine stories and MSDS (Material safety data sheet). They also have gone as far as illegally putting a Dexpan® trademark on their packaging. MOST of the job photos on their websites are STOLEN from us, name of the jobs and customers are FAKE. And we have the contact information to confirm ALL of our photos.
We are currently investigating the situation and seeking legal action against the companies. Thank You.
 Be ware of FAKE MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of IMPOSTER Products
We have heard some IMPOSTER products caused blow-outs and people got injured. The companies that sell POOR quality products provide FAKE material safety information. Not only the product specifications are not accurate, the government testing agency listed on their MSDS does not exist. Please ask for a telephone number to verify the MSDS is REAL and authorized, do not become a victim of IMPOSTER products.
Only Buy Dexpan® online or from Authorized Dexpan Dealers
Note: ONLY Authorized Dexpan dealers of Dexpan® USA, Archer Company USA, Inc., and Dexpan® Mexico have written and signed agreements to use, market, and sell our copyrighted and trademarked material / products.