Ultimate General Purpose Diamond Blades. Diamond Saw Blades for Heavy Duty Cutting

Ultimate General Purpose Diamond Blades, heavy-duty general purpose blades with Segmented-Turbo U-Slots and Undercut Protection for Extremely Agressive reinforced concrete cutting, green concrete sawing, cured concrete cutting, asphalt sawing, tile, masonry cutting, brick, concrete block, marble, granite and stone cutting. Archer USA provides high quality general purpose diamond blades / general purpose diamond saw blades, Concrete Gas Saw Diamond Saw Blades at wholesale price.
Laser Welded, Premium Quality SUPER General Purpose Diamond Blades with Segmented-Turbo rim and U-Slots provide SUPER AGGRESSIVE Cutting and LONG Tool Life! Generally, wider U-Slots produce louder cutting with greater chipping.
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Arbor Adaptor Rings for Diamond Blades
Price: $0.99
Arbor Adaptor Rings, 5 sizes to choose from: 1" to 7/8", 1" to 20mm, 1" to 5/8", 7/8" to 20mm and 7/8" to 5/8"