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Troubleshooting Diamond Blades. Common Diamond Saw Blade Problems and Causes. Buy quality Diamond blade

Troubleshooting Diamond Blades, common diamond saw blade problems, causes. Buy quality Diamond blade at wholesale price. diamond blades by Archer USA.
Diamond Blade Troubleshooting, common diamond saw blade problems, causes. Buy quality Diamond blade at wholesale price. diamond saw blade by Archer USA.

What are common diamond blade cutting problems, causes and recommendations?

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BLADE DOES NOT CUT Insufficient power chosen to permit diamond saw blade to cut properly (very low). Check power, voltage and V-belts.
Diamond Saw Blade used is too hard for the material being cut. Consult the dealer or manufacturer for proper diamond saw blade.
Diamond Saw Blade has become dull due to continuous use on fairly hard material or diamond saw blade has become glazed due to excessive RPM. Dress with abrasive material until diamonds become exposed again and adjust RPM as recommended.
UNEVEN SEGMENT WEAR Inadequate cooling water to both sides of diamond saw blades. Clean cooling water system, ensure sufficient and clean water is properly and equally applying to both sides of the blade.
Misalignment of diamond blade. Blade is worn-out-of-round. Check the machine and replace worn equipment. Ensure Proper alignment of diamond saw blade and main shaft.
Flanges are not the same in diameter. Ensure proper saw and flanges alignment and flanges are the same in diameter.
Loss of tension or excessive tension on diamond saw blade. Consult the dealer or manufactuer.
EXCESSIVE WEAR The material being cut is too hard for the diamond blades. Wrong diamond blade cutting on highly abrasive material. Consult the dealer or manufacturer fpr proper diamond saw blade specification.
Horsepower and RPM are too high. Ensure proper HP and RPM.
Machine breakdown or diamond saw blade error Check all parts and replace worn equipment, check the blade's tension and balance, and consult the dealer or manufacturer.
Inadequate cooling water to diamond saw blade so worn material particles cause excessive wears on segments. Check and clean up cooling water system. Ensure clean and sufficient water.
CRACKED CORE Diamond blade is too hard for the material being cut, excessive cutting pressure and overheating causes loss of tension so unbalanced steel core cracks. Consult the dealer or manufacturer and use diamond blade with a softer bonding.
CRACKED SEGMENTS Diamond blade is too hard for the material being cut. Consult the dealer or manufacturer.
LOSS OF TENSION Diamond saw blade's steel core is overheating. Check cooling water system.
Flanges are not tightened properly. Use flanges as recommended.
Diamond blade's steel core is overheating from lack of side clearance due to uneven or too rapid segment wear. Specify diamond blade with greater side clearance. Anchor the material to be cut tightly.
Diamond saw blade is excessively hard for the material. Make sure diamond blade is correct type, consult the manufacturer.
ECCENTRICITY Eccentricity with diamond saw blade or main shaft.  Check diamond blade and main shaft, replace worn shaft, consult the dealer or manufacturer.
Main shaft has a groove scored in it caused by a diamond blade spinning between flanges. Ensure suitability of main shaft and blade's arbor hole. Check and tighten flanges, arbor nut.
ARBOR HOLE OUT-OF-ROUND Flanges are not tightened properly.  Check flanges, ensure the both are the same and are no less than that recommended by the manufacturer.
Diamond saw blade is seated improperly. Make sure diamond saw blade is properly seated on main shaft, tighten flanges properly.
VIBRATION Flanges are used improperly. Use flanges as recommended.
Machine breakdown. Check main shaft and equipment. 
Improper power and RPM chosen. Ensure proper RPM and power.

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