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Dexpan chemical stonecutter vs. Hydraulic Hammers to cut stone

Washington State, United States 2006
by Demolition & Excavating Contractor Kullberg Construction
Comparing to hydraulic hammers, Dexpan chemical stonecutter can cut stone faster and safer. Kullberg Construction used Dexpan stonecutter for easy rock cutting. Dexpan® can cut stone according to drilling pattern. Demolition contractors, drilling and blasting contractors can easily break reinforced concrete or rock into desired sizes and shapes, so they may cut off exposed rebar, haul demolished chunks away with a crane or excavator without damaging the desired remaining parts.
Dexpan® Non-Explosive Controlled Demolition Agent can also be applied along with traditional demolition tools like jackhammers, wrecking balls, hydraulic hammers, diamond blade concrete saws, diamond wire sawing machines, and chain saw stone cutters to help cut cost, work time and increase safety, Plus because it works as silent demolition, Dexpan® is perfect for demolition contractors, drilling and blasting contractors who work in residential, schools, hospitals, airports, and other noise, ground vibration, air blast, dust restricted areas. 
Easy rock cutting by chemical stonecutter. Kullberg Construction used Dexpan to cut stone in 2006.
Dexpan chemical stonecutter vs. Hydraulic Hammers to cut stone
 After Dexpan had cracked the large granite boulder rock, hydraulic hammers could easily finish the rock cutting job.

Dexpan® Rock Breaking Excavating: Rock Excavating, Rock Breaking, Rock Blasting, Rock Excavating, Excavation, Rock Drill Breaker Excavator, Rock Removal Project, by Kullberg Construction 2006. It can cut stone safer and more effective, compare to traditional rock breaking euiqpments, like hydraulic hammers, excavator, jackhammer, demolition hammer breaker, explosive blasting. Dexpan Non-Explosive chemical stonecutter, Stone Cutter, Rock Drill. Non-Explosive Controlled Demolition Agent for Rock Demolition, Rock Excavating, rock cutting, rock blasting, rock breaking.