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Dexpan® Non-Explosive Granite Quarrying by Idaho Granite Quarries

Idaho, United States 2005
In Mining and Natural Stone Quarrying industry, Dexpan® Non Explosive Chemical Demolition Agent helps quarry owners, drilling and blasting contractors or blasters to quarry perfect slabs and blocks from limestone, onyx, marble, granite quarries, sandstone, flagstone or any other types of natural stone you are working with.
Compares to explosives blasting, TNT dynamite, Nonex and other quarry equipments like diamond wire sawing machine and chain saw stone cutter, Dexpan® chemical rock breaker avoids waste of valuable stone, high cost of insurance, blasting permit or blasting license, storage and labor.
Granite blocks broken by Dexpan non-explosive chemical demolition agent. 
Dexpan saves on valuable granite comparing to traditional explosive blasting quarrying method. 
Dexpan® Non-Explosive Granite Quarrying by Idaho Granite Quarries
Splitting huge granite block is easy with Non-Explosive Chemical Demolition agent, also known as chemical rock breaker. 
As an alternative to traditional Mining Equipment, Stone Cutter, Granite Quarrying Equipment, Dexpan non-explosive quarrying method is safer and more effective than diamond wire sawing machine, explosive blasting, other Mining Equipments. Granite Quarrying Mining by Idaho Granite Quarries.