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Dexpan® Concrete Removal and Concrete Breaking

Concrete Openings Magazine, Sep 2005 Issue
Job done by a Concrete Cutting and Sawing Contractor: ConCut Southeast
Ferry Ballast Concrete Demolition without using jackhammer, diamond blade gas saw and other demolition tools, concrete cutting equipments.
 This is an article on Concrete Openings Magazine (Sep 2005) 
 Ferry Katama had 70 tons of ballast needed to be removed. 
 Marine engineers calculated there were two areas measuring 12 feet by 13 feet by 3 feet deep of ballast. 
Dexpan Concrete Removal and Concrete Breaking
 160 bags (40 boxes) of Dexpan were used. Concrete Removal Job is done by ConCut Southeast, Inc. 
 ConCut operators core drilled 288 holes for using Non-Explosive Controlled Demolition Agent. 
Dexpan Concrete Removal and Concrete Breaking
Poured into drilled holes, Dexpan cracked concrete ballast in approx. 12 hours. The broken concrete pieces were easily pulled out by using a crane. Concrete removal has never been easier with Dexpan Non-Explosive Demolition Agent. This job was published on Concrete Openings magazine Sep-2005 issue.
 Demolition of concrete ballast, concrete breaking by ConCut Southeast.