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How to use Dexpan® Chemical Rock Breaker for Underwater Demolition

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Concrete Demolition

Rock Breaking, Excavating

Stone Quarrying, Mining

Underwater Demolition of Concrete or Rock

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Dexpan® Chemical Rock Breaker - Job Photos: Underwater Concrete Demolition, Underwater Rock Breaking

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Dexpan Underwater demolition of concrete & rock breaking Job Photos: Underwater Demolition, Under water Concrete Demolition, Under water Rock Breaking. Dexpan Chemical Rock Breaker works safer and more effective for underwater demolition of reinforced concrete and rock breaking. Comparing to traditional demolition tools and equipments like explosive demolition, controlled blasting, hydraulic breaker, demolition hammer breaker, diamond blade concrete gas saw, chain saw stone cutter, jackhammer, Dexpan Non-Explosive Controlled Demolition Agent needs to be poured into plastic tubing, to keep it from contacting water. Dexpan is for reinforced concrete cutting underwater, underwater chemical rock breaker, stone cutter, concrete breaker, concrete saw, demolition hammer breaker. Dexpan is also known as Chemical Rock Breaking Agent, Chemical Demolition Agent, Chinese Dyanmite, Expansive Grout, Silent Cracking Agent.