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How to break up concrete and rocks for removal?

When using Dexpan® Expansive Demolition Grout to demolish & break mass reinforced concrete or rock, there are only 3 Easy Steps to Succeed: Drill, Mix and Pour.

 Read safety and operation instruction CAREFULLY before use Dexpan.
 WARNING! BLOWOUTS may occur! DO NOT look directly into filled holes.

For technical support, call our toll-free 1-866-272-4378 or 575-528-5454 (United States)
In this Dexpan usage demonstration, a small Concrete Block is used: Dimensions 3'x3'x2', reinforced with ½ inch rebar, approximately 4000 psi 
Preparation and tools required:
Drill holes using a hammer drill or rock drill with the appropriate drill bit specific to the rock or concrete type. Track drills are recommended for larger applications such as stone quarrying.
An electrical hand drill with a mixing paddle and a flat bottom bucket is recommended to mix the Dexpan®.
 As an option, a 500ml soft-drink bottle can be used to measure water.
 CAUTION! Be sure to select the correct type of Dexpan® based on rock / concrete temperature.
In this demonstration, the temperature was about 70°F. So Dexpan® II was used. 
Safety Precautions:
 CAUTION! For your protection, ALWAYS wear Safety Goggles, a Dust-Proof Mask, Rubber Gloves, and proper clothing when working with Dexpan®.
Avoid eyes, skin contact, and do not inhale the dust. If eye or skin contact should occur, rinse it off IMMEDIATELY, and consult doctor. 
STEP 1: Drilling
Holes should be drilled no further than 1 ft (30 cm) apart. Unless instructed otherwise.
Note: In reinforced concrete its recommend not to space the holes more than 8 in (20 cm) apart.
The recommended hole diameter is 1.5 in. (3.8 cm), not exceeding 2 in. diameter (5 cm).
Drilled holes should be 80 to 90% of the depth, do not go completely through, unless instructed otherwise.
*Although we do not recommend using the Dexpan in 5” depth; customers have had much success! Please contact our technical support should you have a project that requires the removal of 5” or less thickness.
Make sure that the rock or concrete has an open face for expansion equal to the drilling depth. If there is no expansive space, extra holes may have to be drilled and protrude the rock / concrete. Refer to for specific instructions on creating expansion space or simply contact our technical staff at 575-528-5454. 
In damp location, mixed Dexpan slurry should be poured into plastic tubing, keeping it from contacting water. 
Clean holes after drilling using an air hose or vacuum to remove excess dust, this is not a requirement, but is recommended for best results.
STEP 2: Mixing
Make exactly 0.4 Gallons (1.5 Liter) of water to mix with one 11 lb bag of Dexpan®.
Pour the water into the bucket.
Use a drill with paddle to mix Dexpan and water WELL. If mixing with a stick or other methods, make sure Dexpan® is completely dissolved into the water and mixed to a slurry form.
STEP 3: Pouring
 WARNING! Use of Dexpan in extreme hot temperatures could cause blowouts.
The Dexpan® slurry should be poured into holes within 10-15 minutes after mixing.
Only fill the holes about 1/2 to 1 inches (2.5 cm) from the top.
A grout pump might be required to fill horizontal holes. You may also mix Dexpan thicker and push it into horizontal holes.
Caps or wooden dowels may be used to contain the Dexpan® in the horizontal holes, this is only necessary to hold the Dexpan® in the holes.
Coverage: Normally one 44 lb (20 kg) box of Dexpan® will fill up to 35 lineal feet (10 m) of 1.5 in (3.8 cm) diameter holes.
 The coverage area of the Dexpan® can be extended by filling every other drilled hole, as long as the material is not reinforced. Doing this may decrease the set up time but is more cost effective by using less material.  Please contact our technical staff to find out if this would be recommended for your particular job. 
After pouring, use a rod or stick to agitate the Dexpan® in the hole, making sure no air is trapped in holes.
 DO NOT leave excess Dexpan® slurry in the bucket as blow-outs may occur.
 DO NOT look directly into filled holes as blowouts may occur. Always use proper protection.
 Dispose of waste according to federal, state, and/or local regulations.
 Be sure to protect the filled holes from direct sun light, rain and snow. 
  How to break up concrete and rocks for removal? Dexpan Expansive Demolition Grout
Dexpan® cracking or Breaking Time: Properly drilled and mixed, the cracks may appear after 2+ hours of filling, depending on ambient temperature, humidity, rock or concrete hardness.
 Give the Dexpan® slurry 24 hours for best results. DO NOT REMOVE Dexpan from the holes before calling our technical support.
Although the Dexpan® slurry may look dry on top, it does not mean it has stopped working, please allow the full 24 hours before calling our technical department.
As you can see after 6 hours, hairline cracks appear in this concrete block filled with rebar.
 Tip 1: Well designed hole drilling patterns will minimize consumption of Dexpan® by cutting into desired sizes.
Just 15 minutes later: Cracks are getting wider and deeper.
 Tip 2: To insure success, Dexpan® needs Free Space to expand to.
30 minutes after the hairline cracks began: The Dexpan® is continuing to expand faster.
 Tip 3: For better results, it is important to note both air and material temperature. Material temperature is the temperature inside of the rock or concrete, which can be different from the air temperature.
  How to break up concrete and rocks for removal? Dexpan Expansive Demolition Grout
6 Hours 45 minutes, the cracks are getting bigger and wider:
 Tip 4: If Dexpan® completely dries into a powder and did not crack, pour additional water onto Dexpan® filled holes to restart the process.
It is important to remember that just because the Dexpan® appears dry on top DOES NOT mean it has stopped working so please allow the full 24 hours for it to complete the process for rock breaking and concrete cutting.
7 Hours after pouring, Dexpan® cracks are well developed and the concrete is ready to be disposed of.

How to break up concrete and rocks for removal? Dexpan® expansive demolition grout

How to break up concrete? How to break rocks? Dexpan® Non-Explosive Demolition Agent for EASY rock breaking, concrete demolition and concrete removal? Many demolition contractors use Dexpan to break rocks, break concrete, quarry granite, quarry marble and quarry limestone. Dexpan is perfect for Controlled Demolition, Reinforced Concrete Cutting, Rock Breaking, Rocks Removal, Natural Stone Quarrying, Stone Dimension, Mining, Excavating, Excavation, Selective Demolition ...
An alternative to Demolition Jack hammer (Jackhammer), Rock Breaker, Diamond Blade Concrete Cutting Saw, Explosive Blasting, Diamond Wire Sawing Machine, Chain Saw Stone Cutter and other traditional demolition tools, mining and quarrying equipments. Concrete Demolition, Concrete Removal and Rock Breaking have never been easier with Dexpan Non-Explosive Demolition Agent.
Dexpan is also known as Chemical Rock Breaking Agent, Chemical Demolition Agent, Expansive Grout, Silent Cracking Agent.