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Dexpan® Expansive Demolition Agent Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Buy Dexpan online. Frequent Asked Questions on Dexpan Expansive Demolition Agent for Easy rock breaking, concrete breaking cutting & concrete removal.


How much area will a 44lbs box of Dexpan® fill?

A standard 44lb. Box of Dexpan® would cover approximately 34-36 linear feet.


How big or small can I drill my holes?

For best demolition results it is recommended to use a 1½” Diameter hole (1-1/2 inch).

It is not recommended to exceed 2½” or go less then 1” in diameter.


How far apart can I space my holes?

Recommended spacing is as follows:

  • Depending on the density of the rock / concrete will determine the hole spacing. If you are working with reinforced concrete, it is highly recommended to use 1 foot centers. In most kinds of rock, Dexpan® has been known to range in spacing up to 2 feet! It is recommended to test out the density of your stone first by drilling holes starting at 12”, then to 16” then to 18” then to 24” then determine what will work best for your stone.

  • Depending on your hole size will also determine your spacing. Using a 1½ diameter hole we recommend that the holes are 12” apart in reinforced concrete. Using a 2” diameter hole you can extend out to 18” – 24” spacing, once again depending on the density of the stone.

  • Remember that Dexpan® is a “controlled demolition agent”, you may cut your stone to your desired size, by just making sure that your lines are set on 1 foot spacing.


How do I determine what type of Dexpan® to use?

Determine the type to use by checking the Rock / Concrete temperature.

(Dexpan III: 23º-50ºF, Dexpan II: 50º-77º, Dexpan I: 77º-104ºF)


When is the best time to apply Dexpan®?

Best time to apply Dexpan® would be early in the morning or late in the afternoon, this is HIGHLY recommended in extremely hot temperatures.

For night application, please consult our technical dept.


What causes the Dexpan® to blow out?

  • You may get a blow out if there is no expansive space. Or the holes are spaced too far apart.

  • You can get a blow out if you do your application in the middle of the day when the temperature is at its highest.

  • You may also experience blow outs if you hole diameter exceeds recommended hole diameter.

You may also experience blow outs if using core drill bits. Note: There has been much success using core bits, this is just a possibility.

FAQs for Dexpan® Expansive Demolition Agent by Silent Cracking, for concrete demolition, rock breaking, concrete breaking, mining, stone quarrying

Frequent Asked Questions on Dexpan Expansive Demolition Agent for easy rock breaking, concrete demolition, concrete breaking & removal. Dexpan® Expansive Demolition Agent is a powder with amazing 18,000 PSI expansive strength when mixed with common water. Poured into the same holes where explosives are traditionally placed in, Dexpan® breaks reinforced concrete and rock safely, while providing SILENT cracking.
As an alternative to explosive blasting, traditional demolition tools and quarry equipment, mining equipment, Dexpan® works without the worries of noise, implosions, air blasts, ground vibration, flying rock or dust.
Dexpan® does not require blasting permits, certifications, high secured storage, special shipping, maintenance and/or insurance. With Well Designed Drilling Patterns, Dexpan® Expansive Demolition Agent works safer, easier and more cost effective for demolition contractors.