Quality Silent Core Bridge Saw Arranged Diamond Blades for Professional Granite Slab Countertop Fabricators. Archer USA provides Special Arranged Diamond Bridge Saw Diamond Blades with silent core, 60mm - 50mm Arbor Bridge Saw Diamond Blades for Granite Cutting. Premium 20mm High Arranged Diamond Segments for Aggressive Granite Cutting and Super Long Tool Life.

Arranged Diamond Blade vs Random Diamond Blade

Comparing to traditional random diamond blades, New Diamond Blades with Arranged Diamonds provide Ultimate Cutting Performance and Supreme Long Tool Life. Archer USA provides Arranged Diamond Blades which cut Faster, Smoother and Last Longer. Arranged Diamond Blades work Perfectly under the most difficult work conditions, for reinforced concrete cutting, granite cutting and marble cutting.
Silent core bridge saw 20mm Arranged diamond blades for granite cutting