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Abrasive Grinding Wheel & Abrasive Disc Metal Grinding Safety

Abrasive Cut-Off wheels, metal cutting abrasives and metal grinding abrasive discs work under high speed rotation.
Improper operation may cause Abrasive cut-off wheels or Abrasive Grinding Wheel breakage, property damage or serious injury.
Comply with ANSI Safety Code B7.1 and OSHA regulations. Use Safety Goggles and machine guards.
Goggles: Abrasive Grinding Wheel & Abrasive Disc Metal Grinding Wheel Safety Face Shield Ear Protection Gloves
  • Always handle and store Abrasive Disc in a careful manner.
  • Visually inspect all Abrasive grinding wheels before mounting for possible damage in transit. Resinoid can only be checked visually for possible damage.
  • Make sure maximum operating speed of machine. Do not exceed speed marked on abrasive grinding wheels.
  • Check mounting flanges for equal size, relieved as required and correct diameter.
  • Use mounting blotters as required by ANSI standards.
  • Use safety guard that covers a minimum half of abrasive grinding wheel.
  • Allow newly mounted wheel to run at operating speed, with guard in place for at least one minute before grinding.
  • Wear safety glasses, gloves and necessary protection equipments.
  • Turn off coolant before stopping grinding to avoid creating an out-of-balance wheel.
  • Follow common sense safety considerations.
  • Do not use a abrasive metal grinding wheel that has been dropped or appears to have been abused.
  • Do not force a abrasive grinding wheel onto machine or alter size of the mounting hole. Don't use a abrasive grinding wheel that fits the arbor too loosely. If the abrasive grinding wheel doesn't fit the machine, get one that fits correctly.
  • Do not exceed maximum operating speed for the abrasive grinding wheel.
  • Do not use mounting flange on which bearing surface is not clean, flat, smooth.
  • Do not tighten abrasive disc mounting nut excessively.
  • Do not grind on the edge of the abrasive grinding wheel unless the wheel is specifically designed for the purpose.
  • Do not start the machine unless all guards are in place.
  • Do not use on any machine that is not properly designed for application.
  • Do not jam working object into abrasive grinding wheel.
  • Do not stand directly in front of running machine.
  • Do not use on material which is not designed for.
  • Do not use relieved or recessed flanges with threaded hole cup wheels, cones or plugs
  • Do not touch a abrasive grinding wheel just been used since it might be very hot.